thread: 2013-10-28 : A Question about Objects

On 2013-11-05, Vincent wrote:

Gordon: In The Doomed Pilgrim, under what circumstances could you be distracted by the pursuit of some personal goal, ignoring the object of the game, and NOT be basically letting me win?


This makes AD go "My view..."
I'm not Gordon, so only dropping this here, but if your personal goal - ignoring the object of the game - happens to align in whole or part with that object anyhow. I mean, I don't know how realistic that is...

This makes VB go "Yep, that's one possibility."
Another possibility is when I decide to indulge you in your side goal and suspend trying to win while you're pursuing it. So you WOULD BE letting me win, except that I'm passing up the opportunity.

This makes GcL go "VB: That's the "personal" issue"
Which I skipped, but is also undesirable - and not required for other-goals. I'd grant purely-personal as close (the same?) to entirely-ignoring in generating "let you win" potential.

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