thread: 2013-12-16 : Some Basic Rules (iv, abandoned)

On 2013-12-19, Slow Dog wrote:

DND stylee, the thing in the spellbook would be a ritual for summoning an appropriate plasmid and lodging it your brain, and the wand or crystal would be a prison for such things.

I guess as written, "write a spell in your spellbook" would be such a ritual; summon the plasmid, and binding it into your book for later use. But how do you learn a spell from someone else (without them losing it - there could be a way of passing plasmids from person to person, thing to thing)? Is there something that's a description of the appropriate entity? Would writing that description be more like the DND spell.

Eek! Can you (metaphorically) fish in the plasmic sea and catch a random spell?


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