thread: 2014-03-03 : Apocalypse World: Dark Age 1st look

On 2014-03-07, Seanna M. wrote:

Looks really neat. I'd really like to hear a breakdown of where you think AW could've used fixes, how you want to fix them with these new rules, etc.

I think the help for instance sounds like it'd work a bit better than help did for AW. I think I may have drifted AW help closer to AW:DA help once or twice.

It seems a little more Monsterheartsy to me. What with Hold Steady, more +1s floating around, less direct force over other people's characters.

I'm curious about your thoughts about the Drawing people out. It seems very close to Read a Person, which I thought was underused in most of my play of AW. Did you think Manipulation/Seduction didn't quite accomplish what it should've in AW or is this just something that's appropiate to the setting?


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