thread: 2014-07-15 : Procedure, Components, Object, Strategy, Style

On 2014-07-16, Dan Maruschak wrote:

As another example, I designed this simple one-page game to have only procedures, no explicit or implicit object (maybe I'm wrong about there being no implicit object, but I don't think I am).


This makes JMW go "Maybe an object for it:"
Make drawings that are funny or surprisingly accurate, or both, but without trying to hard. And then that makes the strategies of playing well; make something that fits what is expected but also with a creative spin.

This makes VB go "it clearly accommodates an assortment of objects."
For instance, surprise the other player with how vulgar a picture they're complicit in. Which, in turn, calls for a whole different strategy.

This makes JMW go "Heh"

This makes CB go "Sweet!"

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