thread: 2014-07-15 : Procedure, Components, Object, Strategy, Style

On 2014-07-16, Moreno R. wrote:

A particular case: Spione.

Most of the book is about history and cold war stuff, there are no game procedures, but if you have read it you have a much clearer idea about style and strategy (when I play with people who have not read the book they tend to bring James Bond and Hydra into the game sometimes...).

But then, in the last chapter, among the rules there is the clear indication of using the manouvers to "bring the spy into the cold".

Without understanding what "the cold" means, that rule is useless, and if you don't follow that procedure the game usually don't work (it can work if the player still have an agenda that is similar enough, but not if they play aimlessly)

So, the part of the book that explain what "the cold" is, in historical and literary terms, is style or procedures?


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