thread: 2014-07-15 : Procedure, Components, Object, Strategy, Style

On 2014-07-16, Vincent wrote:

We played I Doubt It as a family.

The 8-year-old is too young to bluff, too young to read a bluff, and too young to buy into the abstract and conceptual rewards of playing a game like I Doubt It to win. Consequently, on everybody's every turn, he would say "I doubt it!"

This is a procedurally legal way to play, but such a debased strategy that the game can't survive it.

People who bring James Bond or Hydra into Spione are doing the stylistic equivalent.


This makes EJS go "yeah!"
Abstract games don't survive degenerate strategies, weird games don't survive stylistic abandonment.

This makes BL go "EJS, I'm not sure..."
that a totally strong statement like that can be justified. At least, I can think of a few probable counter-examples.

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