thread: 2014-07-15 : Procedure, Components, Object, Strategy, Style

On 2014-07-17, Vincent wrote:

Simon C: Astute question!

I don't, no. Definitely not.

In general I think that games have circumstantial differences, not fundamental differences. Is easy to take two individual games whose differences are large - GURPS and Pac-man, for instance - and declare that you've identified two classes of games. But somewhere out there, there's a game that demonstrates the true circumstantiality of the fundamental distinctions you think you've found.

Um. But more specifically, remember that a game's object alone doesn't create strategy or style. Its procedures do too. Take any two games that share the same object, like "run your meeple to the end of the level" or "first to 50 points wins." They might or purely might not have any other features in common. There's no predicting.

I figured out what I mean by style vs what I mean by strategy. I'll post about it in a little while and it'll clarify a lot, I hope.


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