thread: 2014-07-17 : Strategy vs Style

On 2014-07-17, Vincent wrote:

Moreno: Any game that's complicated enough can have ambiguous or competing procedures. Magic: the Gathering, for instance, used to introduce special abilities in its new expansions that didn't interact squarely with the systems introduced in earlier expansions, and they'd have to sort it out, make judgments, redesign, and issue errata and guidelines. I don't know whether this is still true.

In simpler games, those kinds of design problems are more obvious and easier to sift out pre-publication. RPGs are often the most complicated games we play.


This makes SM go "MTG clarified all rule interactions..."
With a giagantic and horrific rules document. Makes most RPGs looks simple.

This makes VB go "yeah..."
I'm not even going to click to look at it. I'm POSITIVE it's horrific.

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