thread: 2014-07-17 : Strategy vs Style

On 2014-07-18, Barnes wrote:

I think in terms of chess and go, that's still just strategy. Both games are solvable. If you and your opponent knew perfect play your only choices come down to "maintain your position" or "worsen your position."

I'm not sure that kind of style is the "smirk, shrug, glower, or showboat" Vincent is talking about, it's just humans being (comparatively) bad at games.


This makes BL go "Chess still has style"
While it maybe _can_ be solved, it _hasn't_ been solved, and won't be for some time. Even Chess AI has a style, at least good Chess AI does. Go is even less solved / solvable. Heck, even solved games (tic tac toe) have a style component.

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