thread: 2014-07-17 : Strategy vs Style

On 2014-07-18, Joshua Bearden wrote:

I don't think I'm opposing Vincent's definition of style when I say that I actually think it encompasses every single choice made during and around a game that is not absolutely dictated by strategy.  This can include choosing between two equally sound (in the players view) strategic options, because if they are truly equal then strategy does not dictate.  This must also include social and aesthetic behaviour. I don't think this is a wishy washy definition either because I'd argue it refers precisely to what any person in casual conversation would call "play style". 

A game designer can encourage style but they cannot enforce it the way they can enforce strategy. I say strategy is "enforced" by the designer because the designer sets the object and the legal procedures. As soon as a particular style becomes defined enough to be enforceable the designer has created a new 'object of the game'.


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