thread: 2014-07-18 : Objects of RPGs

On 2014-07-18, Levi wrote:

When I hear "the object of the game", I immediately think of an objective - that is, a desired *final* state rather than a desired *ongoing* state.

So, playing Fiasco, I'd naturally point to a finished story (loose word use) as being the object of the game; it's what I'm seeking through play.

In games with no defined endpoint (as many RPGs are), that view of the "object of the game" becomes muddied.

Now, that said, the thing you're talking about is obviously a real thing, and obviously in the same realm, even if it's not what the phrase evokes for me.  So, still along; just stretching a little semantically.


This makes Rickar go "the difference between objective and drive."

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