thread: 2014-07-18 : Objects of RPGs

On 2014-07-18, AsIf wrote:

A screenwriter friend turned me on to the words "objective" and "superobjective".  Objective and Superobjective share a dynamic similar to "Text" and "Subtext" - i.e. the Text changes scene by scene, and understanding it cumulatively drives the viewer toward understanding the Subtext. 

Likewise, a character's Objectives may change scene by scene, but the resolutions of these Objectives cumulatively drive the character toward reaching or realizing their Superobjective (perhaps fractally, perhaps heuristically, perhaps tragically too late - it's a matter of style

).  Note that the Superobjective is often not a conscious thing for the character.  In game terms we often consider it to be "emergent" even if it is "predestined" or implied by the rules.


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