thread: 2014-07-19 : Aside: Designing a Bell Curve

On 2014-07-19, Moreno R. wrote:

I think I realized what felt "wrong" (for me at least) in the initial post. It's not the "you can play a game exactly as it should be played and still have a bad time", that it's so self-evident that I didn't realize it was an issue (for people who disagree, I can post the rules of a old Italian convention game that in the rules had being hit in the nuts. I kid you not)

No, it's the first part:
When you design a game, you design a bell curve of experiences. Every experience that anyone will ever have playing your game is a point under the curve.

I don't think you can really do that.  The rules guide only specific interactions during a game session, not everything. I could see that happening with some computer adventure games (and only if you limit the observation to what happen on the screen) but not with people coming up with stuff on the fly.

But probably the important point was the one I agree with...


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