thread: 2014-07-19 : Aside: Designing a Bell Curve

On 2014-07-19, Moreno R. wrote:

Mmmmm... just to clarify, because that "correctly" could have different meanings...

You are talking only about rules, game procedures, etc, so that you include in the "bad" games you talk about the situations where the players have incompatible styles or don't understand the strategy to follow and are lost...


You are not talking about these case, you are talking ONLY about the cases when the game was played exactly as the author wanted it played, the procedures works perfectly, but it's simply that the players are not finding the activity fun?

What you say would be true in both cases, but the point of that post would be different. (the second case seems to me a taste tautology, "you can't satisfy every taste", etc, the first include problems of communications)


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