thread: 2014-07-19 : Aside: Designing a Bell Curve

On 2014-07-21, Moreno R. wrote:

But it's totally possible to play chess wrong....

For another example: I never enjoyed volley in high school because nobody cared to teach anybody how to play, and the usual guys hogged all the fun refusing to change position. When I understood how it was really played, years afterward, I played regularly for years.

Another example: if you can't stand to play a game where everything is railroaded to the point that the GM decides how you will have to play your character... does this means that don't like rpgs where there is a GM?

Third example: I personally know a player that has played his first game of Dogs in the Vineyard with a GM who didn't follow the rules for town creation, and build the city as a "mistery", making the roll for any little clue about the identity of a demon who was disguised as a human

When I head about the game, I should have said "this mean that you will never like DitV" or I should have said that the GM has played the game wrong?

(You can guess what I said, and he did buy the game after I did show to him how it was really played)


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