thread: 2014-07-19 : Aside: Designing a Bell Curve

On 2014-07-21, Jesse Burneko wrote:

Are you including respecting the "object" in "following the procedures"?  Because I've played board games with people who clearly didn't care and even though on every turn they made a "legal" move but with such disregard for the point of the game that all they did was make the make the game more difficult and unfun for anyone else.

See also Griefers in MMOs.

And I'm saying RPGs are even more vulnerable to that than other kinds of games.

People willfully and arrogantly ignore the "object" of the game.

People willfully and arrogantly make poor strategic choices.

People willfully and arrogantly make poor stylistic choices.

So yes, they followed the procedures.  But at least when I say "play the game right", I also mean respect the object, make good strategic choices and make good style choices. Without those three additional things I'm not willing to say a person played the game "right".

And more importantly without those three things in place I'm not inclined to take the persons feedback on the game very seriously.



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