thread: 2014-07-18 : Objects of RPGs

On 2014-07-21, Davide wrote:

Vincent - sorry to bug you. I wonder if I am getting where this is going or if I am completely lost, here. Was my previous comment completely out of track?

Can I say that as an RPG designer you have control over Components and Procedures (you decide what to insert... and sometimes also what you leave out means a lot!), and you state clearly an Objective.

Strategies, on the other hand, take form in the head of Players (you should try, as designer, to predict them and address them...) and the Player's choices between various possible strategies become the Player's Style.

As a Player, - if you did your job right as a designer - I live through my Style some kind of experience that you envisioned as the author.

Am I on the same planet with you guys or floating into outer space with no chance of being rescued? :-)


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