thread: 2014-07-17 : Strategy vs Style

On 2014-07-23, Ynas Midgard wrote:

I'm reading through these posts and wanted to clarify things. If I understand correctly, it is style that colours a choice made by the player or a result of a procedure (e.g. how the player describes his attack and the GM its result, without changing the procedure).

These can happen anytime in a game, I presume, for instance when I determine my character is an archer instead of a swordsman or a wizard (although all strategically viable), or how his armour looks like, etc.

It appears to me that, if I understand you correctly, style can be suggested (by artwork and textual examples, offering certain game objects) or enforced (by limiting the quality of the game objects and end results of the procedures to fit the envisioned style).

Although how much one can and is willing to enforce it is entirely different thing.


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