thread: 2014-07-25 : RPGs Have Objects, Q&A

On 2014-07-25, Vincent wrote:

Gordon: Here's why it's not a big deal.

When you design a game, you have insight into your subject matter, insight into real human experience, and insight into roleplaying as a practice. Your insights cut through ambiguity and complexity; that's what an insight is.

When you design to express your insights, the question is never how much complexity or ambiguity you must deal with, accommodate, work around. Your insights already dealt with, accommodated, worked around all of it. The question is simply how clearly, how artfully, how well, you can express your insights.


This makes VB go "well, and how good your insight is."
Which is to say, how sharply it cuts through ambiguity and complexity, revealing heretofore unsaid truth.

This makes AF go "calls to mind cheap tricks"
-esp cutting through the ambiguity. I try to summarise here s:

This makes VB go "excellent connection!"
I have more to say. Remind me if I don't get to it.

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