thread: 2014-07-25 : RPGs Have Objects, Q&A

On 2014-07-25, Gordon wrote:

Vincent, that's ... flat-out, personal-impact inspirational. Thank you. I mean, I very much remember the three insights thing, but the cutting through adds a punch. Thanks again for the, um, insight.

Of course, it's absolutely no help with "how can I even talk at Vincent's blog about strategy and style when 'strategically sound' is so frickin' complex!?!", but hey, I'll take insight over explanation here.

No bites on why "The Trouble with RPGs"?

And again, with as much sincerity as thainawebz will allow, thanks.


This makes GcL go "I almost asked "what does this say about the 3 insights thing?""
That is, in my initial post I almost asked how does this current series relate to/inform the 3 insights. Huh.

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