thread: 2014-07-25 : RPGs Have Objects, Q&A

On 2014-07-25, Vincent wrote:

Gordon: No sweat!

Oh, "the Trouble with RPGs" just because so many RPGs are so unnecessarily cagey about their objects. The conventional wisdom about RPGs has been that none of them have objects, or that their objects are so complex that we can't summarize them, or that they don't come from the game's design but from the players, and I consider all of this nonsense and troublesome.

edit to add: When we talk about strategy and style, we won't be able to draw any conclusions across games, no, because "across games" includes every complexity and ambiguity. But we will be able to talk concretely about individual games and use good examples to explore the topics.

Like I say, I'm not trying to build a taxonomy here. Not even a model. A critical theory at most, but probably just a (hopefully) compelling and useful story.


This makes GcL go "Easier to imagine "strategically sound" in the context of a particular game"
But still non-trivial.

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