thread: 2005-07-19 : DitV: a Year's Sales

On 2005-07-19, Vincent wrote:

Jay: Con presence and word of mouth mostly. I've had a couple of ads in other peoples' games, but not for money, just for trade or neighborliness.

I've sold, oh, 10 copies into Utah, maybe 12? Plus I presume a PDF or three. I didn't do anything special to get any LDS attention. I'm not sure what I could do!

If you'd asked me in July '04 how many copies I expected to sell by July '05, I'd'a said 100.

Matthijs: My experience is that an online review will generate something like 4-8 sales in the week it appears, and pretty much none thereafter. You'll be pleased to know that I sold something in that range to people in the Netherlands, the week of your review.


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