thread: 2014-12-28 : Freebooting Venus - First Look

On 2014-12-28, Tom wrote:

One thing that was unclear on first read-through was how you rolled more dice for spell exceptions the higher your spell rating is.  That seemed like a bad thing until I saw that you got to pick which die out of the pool would be used to generate the exception (rather than each die gives an exception) and I saw that "exceptions" can be good.  Maybe don't call them exceptions? 

The other quick question is that a spell can be unsettled to the point where it goes away.  But just because you blew out your magic missile spell book there are still other magic missile spell books which will work for other casters, correct?  Also, you can get a new spell book and try again, correct?  Because while I'm jazzed about the idea of a spell getting pissed off cause one idiot kept casting it wrong, that'll be a quick end to magic.


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