thread: 2014-12-28 : Freebooting Venus - First Look

On 2014-12-29, Vincent wrote:

Accountants are hilariously good!

When you retain an accountant, whenever you subsequently examine your unexamined treasure, roll 3 dice and choose one instead of rolling 2 dice.

You retain your accountant's services until either (a) you choose to go into debt, or (b) you choose to spend your treasure on a time of high living.

The GM creates your accountant as an NPC, of course.


This makes PB go "Accountants are judgy!"
What if I invite them along for party time?

This makes VB go "Hahaha!"
That, sure. Also, I mean, you spent their stipends on (a) what you can't exactly afford or (b) high living instead. Do you blame them!

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