thread: 2014-12-28 : Freebooting Venus - First Look

On 2015-01-01, Josh W wrote:

This looks great fun, I like that you start with the demand, and backtrack to the deception.

The interrupt move is good, puts initiative into a good place; where people care about the ordering of actions because they are trying to change it. In terms of move effect, it's strikingly effective; I think it could lead to some absurdities in play, with people interrupting attacks with riddles, spells with thrown pegs, and generally interrupting each other.

The present/past thing is fun too, as is the nice simple skills system.

Wait, if I regroup, the ongoing effects of being killed end? :P

I could keep saying nice or silly things about this, but I'll stop with this:

The rules for helping are very elegant, just enough detail, and it also seems like the most efficient way for a group of 4+ to fight may be to assist a single champion, providing intelligence, encouragement, checking and repairing armour etc. as the bonuses seem to be able to stack with each other, overwhelming the effects of dice, especially given that non-PCs don't have access to this option. Depends how the fight complications work obviously, but it's interesting.


This makes JMW go "Hang on, is that death thing as intended?"
That would also be hilarious, but in a better way.

This makes VB go "It is."
It's one of several ways you might go forward from having been killed.

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