thread: 2014-12-28 : Freebooting Venus - First Look

On 2015-01-15, Paul T. wrote:

Some more:

1. Under "Recover, Regroup, Prepare", what does it mean to "regroup"? I'm having trouble imagining where I would use this, and how.

Is it for situations where we're all separated from each and/or lost? What if the others don't *want* to regroup?

2. Same as people said earlier about interrupting: it seems very effective! If I'm "unaware or unsuspecting" and someone attacks me, I can interrupt, yes? And they only get to make the move if I miss... but they still might miss, too.

I suppose this makes PCs very effective compared to NPCs. Is that the intended effect?

3. "Size Someone Up" seems incredibly effective, as well. It implies a world where people are sharp and you can't hide your intentions very easily at all (even on a miss, they can ask "What do you intend?" or "Are you trying to deceive me?", which means you can always know if someone is trying to deceive you).


It's interesting that one's ability to do magic has mostly to do with the tablets one owns; unless Wizardry gives a lot of boons, it has little to do with the caster's own abilities or power.

The ghost and treasure rules are lovely.


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