thread: 2014-12-28 : Freebooting Venus - First Look

On 2015-01-16, Vincent wrote:

Paul! Thanks! I'll try to answer your questions in order.

On bad experiences:
The bad experience bubbles are in columns. You have to have 5 different bad experiences, mark 5 bubbles in column 1, before you can start marking bubbles in column 2. When you take 3 harm, you have to mark 3 different bad experiences.

Once you have all 3 bubbles marked, you can't have that bad experience again.

On experiences:
The experiences aren't just for bragging rights. They're the object of the game. They have different numbers of bubbles because experiencing the same thing over and over has different legitimacy as a goal, depending on what it is. For instance, once you've married 3 times wealthy and 3 times for love, marrying again is no longer a legit game goal for you.

On regrouping:
It is for such situations.

For all of those options, if you're doing it with someone else, you both have to choose the option. Thus, if they don't want to regroup with you, they decline to choose the option. This means that either you have to go back and choose a different option instead, or else you and the GM have to figure out how you've regrouped with them but they haven't regrouped with you (which might be perfectly possible under some circumstances).

On interrupting:
If you're unaware or unsuspecting, no, you can't interrupt someone.

On sizing people up:
Hidden intentions are mostly bogus across roleplaying, and they're spectacularly bogus for this game. It's not that everyone's super sharp, it's that everyone's intentions are pretty clear all the time.

On four attendant magics:
That's a relic of an older version of the rules. It'll probably survive in some form, but I haven't sorted it out yet.

Good questions!


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