thread: 2014-12-28 : Freebooting Venus - First Look

On 2015-01-17, Paul T. wrote:


I have another question for you - hopefully this isn't stretching this discussion too far off course.

"On sizing people up:
Hidden intentions are mostly bogus across roleplaying [...]"

I certainly don't disagree; being more open with intentions has improved a lot of my gaming a great deal.

If you think that intentions should be out in the open, why design moves which allow a chance for the information to be put across (and a chance of failure), instead of just giving them up automatically? (Or perhaps with a move which doesn't require a roll a'tall.)

Why does AW have a "read a person" move, instead of Dogs' general principle of not hiding intentions? It's quite a contrast, though subtle in application.

I'd imagine PC vs. PC is a big part of it, but I don't think that's the whole story.

But perhaps this is too big a question for this discussion. If so, another time! (Maybe a blog post would be worthwhile, if you have the interest...)


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