thread: 2015-03-30 : Dirty Tricks in My Games

On 2015-03-30, Vincent wrote:

Caitie: Yeah.

For me, let's see.

Like, Murderous Ghosts, dirty tricks are part of the genre, so I consider them fair play. If you've signed up to be murdered by ghosts, you're probably okay with a dirty trick or two. Dirty tricks feature in all the best murderous ghost movies, after all.

The rules also say to have the person who's more easily scared play the ghosts, and the person who's tougher about such things play the explorer. So that's some safety there.

The hardholder, though, is a trap for people whose impulse is to seize and hold authority by force, and them I don't mind sucker punching. Similar thing with Rock of Tahamaat.

Meserach: I wrote a bit about the hardholder trap a couple of years ago, in this thread on the Barf.

When I played a hardholder, I fell into the -2weird trap myself. I figured that I could hand off all the weird stuff to my excellent and loyal friend the brainer, and all I'd have to worry about was keeping the brainer excellent and loyal. Which I mostly did, but then come to discover, some of the weird stuff was legitimately my responsibility to deal with. I could either take it on myself or let my holding down, and that's when the -2weird trap sprung.


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