thread: 2015-03-30 : Dirty Tricks in My Games

On 2015-03-30, ndp wrote:

Your Hardholder traps (both of them) were my favorite part of playing AW.

In carry there's a big ol' trap the first time the squad sees combat. I think it's a great, productive, worthwhile trap but I know at least one person who tells people "I'm not giving you all the information about this before you do it, and you might be unhappy with the results, but trust me that it's part of the game" because of uncomfortableness about robbing the players of agency. So that's interesting. When do you ask people for consent to trick them? Or rather, when should you, I guess?


This makes ad go "that's me"
cuz I feel that players expect me (the GM) to teach them the rules

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