thread: 2015-03-30 : Dirty Tricks in My Games

On 2015-03-31, Vincent wrote:

Gordon: I don't know about focus. I wonder if you're looking for an ethical consensus, where I don't think there is one.

Someone else asked me about this in email, am I trying to reach an ethical consensus, or what? I'm not! For now I'm satisfied just to point out that there isn't one.

There isn't one, no matter how obvious to the "making someone an unwitting player isn't ethical" crowd one seems. For instance, I think that the text you suggest, about "sure you're being deceptive, but don't be jerks," would be fine for some games, but terrible for others. Murderous Ghosts, for instance, includes almost the opposite text.

Whether Caitie's game would be better with that reminder, Caitie's the one to judge, of course, but I'm pretty skeptical!


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