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On 2015-07-06, ken filewood wrote:

Here is questions about the thread 'The Trouble with RPGs (ii)':

You started with the premise:

Say that you've created a game with an object?

1) Why would I want my game to have an object?  I.e. under what set of game-designer circumstances would it be desirable (or vice versa) to make sure my game has an object?

2) What is an object of a game if it is not stated?  Is it even possible for a game to have an unstated object?

I understand that participants in a game can (always do?) have their own purposes, agendas, motives etc. that are not stated in the rules and may or may not remain constant over time.  But how can a game have an 'object of the game', if it is not defined as part of the game by some kind of statement?


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