thread: 2015-07-04 : The Object of an RPG is to...

On 2015-07-06, Vincent wrote:

Ken: Good questions!

1) The only reason I can think of for why you'd want your game to have an object, is if you want to create a game, and the game you want to create has an object.

There's no earthly reason to create a game at all, except that you're moved by your muse to do so. If you're moved to create a game with an object, that's all the reason there can be. If you're moved to create a game without one, same thing.

2) I take the design of a game to be non-identical to its text, since a game's design is made of processes but its text is made of words. Thus it's easy for me to imagine designing a game with an object, but not including the object in the text.

I don't know why you'd do this on purpose, but maybe you have your reasons. I can also easily imagine doing it by accident.

By writing an incomplete game text, have you created a second game, one with no object? Possibly!

But still, overwhelmingly, games have objects, even RPGs, and you can find them in the text.


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