thread: 2015-07-04 : The Object of an RPG is to...

On 2015-07-08, ken filewood wrote:

1) Yep, agreed!

So: What are games without objects like to play, as compared with games that have objects of various kinds?  What are the textures and aspects of that?  How can we use that in our designs?

How can we apply this thinking in designing sub-systems?

2) Re. I take the design of a game to be non-identical to its text:

What I think I was getting at was the idea that 'the object of the game' entails some self awareness about the object on the part of the player making the moves. 

If I don't know that I'm pursuing a particular object of the game, then I am not pursuing it - so it is not an object of mine. 

By writing an incomplete game text, have you created a second game, one with no object?

I think so. 

I also think it might be possible to play the 'original' game that is incompletely represented by the text.  But that would depend on whether I can play it by myself? (I take explanations of my game expressed in forms other than text as extensions of 'game text')

There are many games I can play without anyone else knowing their objects.  But are all games like that?

I begin to see how thinking about this kind of thing might have lead you into the demon of the ring game.


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