thread: 2015-07-04 : The Object of an RPG is to...

On 2015-07-13, ken filewood wrote:

I am not sure whether there are games without objects, either.

The sorts of things that occur to me are mostly activities I remember from childhood. 

For example, some kinds of make-believe - 'Doctors and Nurses' say (but not 'WWII soldiers') - didn't really have an object.  Or making up stories with/ using/ about toy animals, toy soldiers, toy cars or glove puppets.

Or for younger children: peek-a-boo, spontaneous making-faces-at-each-other, or 'pat-a-cake', 'ring-a-ring-a-rosie', or 'horsey rides'.

For grown-ups some kinds of aimless, intuitive play might count: sand-play, action painting, doodling, art therapy.

I am thinking about games where the player's focus is on the current moment rather than a future state.

Maybe some of these are not games in the sense you mean.  But I think the 'make-believe' category is at least interesting in an rpg context.

Your 'discipline' sounds both useful and respectful.

So what do you base your thinking about games on then?


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