thread: 2015-07-04 : The Object of an RPG is to...

On 2015-07-14, Dan Maruschak wrote:

Like I said, for me it's mostly about the moment-to-moment play, and then there's a somewhat distinct enjoyable activity at the end where you pass them around. I'm not usually thinking about consequences beyond the person I'm passing to. Drawing is somewhat intrinsically enjoyable and satisfying, and doing it in this context cuts down on some of the problems (e.g. you usually have some input so there's less blank page syndrome, you have the "it's just a game" excuse to fight off perfectionist impulses). It's especially satisfying when I can pull off a deadpan or surreal joke with the image I'm drawing, or if something I draw turns out better than I expected. (And I also have a theory that the knowledge that my drawing will be built off of by the next person helps it feel more meaningful and therefore has an element of gamelike fun that just drawing for the sake of drawing doesn't have. But whether I'm actually feeling that independently or it's just confirmation bias is hard to say).


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