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On 2015-07-27, anon. wrote:

Hi, my two cents for now (and sorry for my Englitalian). :)
Starting from the 'object' of a game.
Games are different between them and 'difficult to be described'.
Anyway, all of them share some common characteristics.
I don't want to go deeper in Caillois and other more recente game theory, I think that we're on the same rails for the moment.

Most Games look like to be easy to be described in terms of object, procedures, components, strategy and style. Especially abstract games and thematic board games.
IMO, RPG games fail to be strictly classified in this way, because:
1) They need to be "treated as a game", and in that sense they need "object, procedures, components, strategy and style.
2) Their nature is mixed with storytelling practices and techniques.

Following (1) you simply design games.
Following (2) you may become a very good and famous fiction author.
RPG designers and Gamers follow in between.

Hope you get what I mean...


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