thread: 2015-07-04 : The Object of an RPG is to...

On 2015-08-08, Vincent wrote:

Matt: Well, let's see what the book has to say. I can't put my hands on my 2nd Edition book so 4th will have to do.

It says:

p12, under "Welcome": "[You] will play a magus... Your character will wield the magical energy that pervades the world, and seek great arcane knowledge. You and your fellow players will also portray the loyal companions and grogs that stand with the magi in their covenants. These stalwart protectors provide a buffer between the magi and the mundane world that often misunderstands their power and motives."

p13, under "Playing Ars Magica": "Usually the storyguide has created a long-term plot against which individual adventures are set. This overarching storyline is called the saga, and the shorter adventures within it are stories."

p16, intro to the "Characters" chapter: "To tell the stories of Mythic Europe, you will need a character. If you are telling the story of an entire covenant, you will probably need more than one."

p174, under "Storytelling": "Telling a great story is not easy, and nothing can be written here that will turn you into a teller of great tales overnight. Becoming a great storyteller requires nothing less than experience."

p175, under "The Storyguide": "In Ars Magica, the storyguide has the opportunity to weave an epic story in which the players can, through their characters, perform heroic acts and epic deeds that are the stuff of legend and myth."

So that seems pretty clear to me as far as the object goes. To tell great stories about the magi, their covenants and companions, their interactions with the mundane world, their heroic acts and epic deeds.

Is that how you'd interpret it too?


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