thread: 2017-06-24 : Roleplaying is a Conversation?

On 2017-07-06, Vincent wrote:

The Unanswerable Question Because It's Too General
You can play games in any medium you want, acknowledging the technical features and challenges of the medium you've chosen.

What do we learn from this about games and media?

The Unanswerable Question Because It Depends On Too Many Specifics
Many roleplaying games are designed to play out in the medium of conversation.

Having chosen this medium, what are the technical features and challenges we have to acknowledge? How do we approach them? How do we build upon the features and how do we solve or design around the challenges?

My Takeaway
From above:

Those awkward pauses and dead spaces in the game you're playtesting, Vincent, you should remember this, they're awkward pauses and dead spaces in a conversation.

When you've designed a game and it's not flowing, it's because you've bobbled the conversation. You haven't put the right words in the right person's ear, yet.

Oh and I agree with John Mc that unstated communication is a big deal in rpg design. Hard to talk about, though!


This makes JMc go "=)"

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