thread: 2005-07-19 : DitV: a Year's Sales

On 2005-07-21, Paul Czege wrote:

Free copies for actual play? Only once for me. Last summer I gave a print copy of My Life with Master to an Australian woman, after she emailed for a shipping/handling quote and told me a bit about herself. At one point she'd been in an all female gaming group, and we had some email conversation about what an all-female group might do with MLwM. I was seriously interested in seeing an actual play report of such a game, and she seemed interested in getting the band back together, so I sent her the game. I think they did chargen, and then lives intervened and the game itself didn't happen. But I don't have regrets. It was a small gamble for the possibility of something rare and worth seeing. I'd do it again if the circumstances promised something equally special.


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