thread: 2005-04-27 : The Open House 4: Handshaking

On 2005-07-26, Sven wrote:


I'm Sven, from Sweden. I have engaged in a lot of types of role playing, without being an expert in anything. At the moment I seem to mostly steer my interest towards all kinds of non-fantasy larp and the special Danish/Swedish brand of freeform table top ('friform'!). But I enjoy as well good tradional table top. The demo of the new Warewolf game is an example of that in my book. I would really like try to play more of the typical Forge games, especially since they are quite far away from what I usually see as my aestethics.

About all this (and not much more) I write about at polyfem transformed. In a few days I will write about a hardcore Dutch bordello larp, (I wasn't there I must add...if my girlfriend would read this) so watch out for that.

Outside of that I will (hopefully) very soon grab my masters degree in engineering biology and get away from this city. It seems like I for know don't do much more than roleplay, write about roleplaying, finishing my degree and studying Turkish. I'm a slow man sometimes.

I read this blog. I don't follow all the comment threads, but read all the main articles anyway. Quite ofte I don't agree, but the clarity is often astounding.

/Sven Holmstr??m


This makes JK go "Sven displaying lack of character."
Don't know if it'll work in this input box either, but Sven's last name needs an "??" (extended ascii character 148) instead of ??:s.

This makes Sven go "Yeah. A dotted 'o' it should be."
We babarians from north need a few extra characters to have the character you all have.

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