thread: 2005-07-27 : An Alternative to POD

On 2005-07-28, Ninja Monkey J wrote:

The answer's simple, V: your time is best spent doing the one you're best at, or could get best at.

If you're good at producing, you should do that and leave the designing for others. Otherwise, you're depriving the world of your abilities.

Likewise, vice-versa.

Since we're best at designing games, that's what we do. The printhouses are best at producing. We'll let them do that. Because it costs a lot of money to screw up.

... and then there's a big EXCEPT!

If it's worth the cost to produce something beautiful in small quantities - either because you can charge enough for it, or because you're willing to pay to make something - then you can add beauty to the world.


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