thread: 2005-07-28 : The Ars Magica Knock-off Fishbowl

On 2005-07-29, Vincent wrote:

Q & A #1

MW: I don't believe I've written anything about Ars Magica you haven't read. You've read my interview at Primeval Press, right?

And you've certainly seen this little animation:

JN: Hang in there.

SBen: No reason WHATSOEVER. That's right on.

SDM: Practice. But I'm not really practicing design here; I've done the vast majority of the design work for this game already, in Dogs. Here I'm practicing the part of my craft that comes after the design work. Will it result in a finished game? Could very well.

It gets dumped or backburnered at the first sign that it's competing with Red Sky A.M., however.

JN again: Like regio, yes.


This makes SJF go "Use this in Red Sky AM?"
Heck, you could USE this for Red Sky AM -- or any other game which needs "the community as a character."

This makes XP go "Creator/Underwriter=genius"
Been turning this over in my mind since seeing the first post. I knew collaborative creation is cool--but linking that to responsibility later in the game, that opens just so many doors...

This makes HS go "Underwriter = understudy?"
In play, is the underwriter to take over "control" of a given thing if the creator can't make it to the session?

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