thread: 2005-04-27 : The Open House 4: Handshaking

On 2005-07-31, urbanpagan wrote:

Hiya Vincent (and everyone else)!  I read your blog from time to time.  My husband (Eric aka Technocrat13) is a longtime reader of your blog so when I miss an update or two... he's keeps me in the loop. ;)

I've been reading the Forge for quite sometime as well but I rarely post there either.  (Not sure why... I just haven't posted much.)  *shrug*

As for my gaming history, I was introduced to D&D by my mother at the age of 4.  (Really.  4.)  I started playing seriously though at the age of 10.  I started playing D&D and Battletech and then branched off into other games when I entered my teens.  I can say my gaming resume runs a pretty wade gambit from a bunch of CCG's, board and table top games to games like Shadowrun, Car Wars, and Harn to games like Call of Chthulhu, Mage and Heavy Gear and now of course, Dogs in the Vineyard.

On to the personal bits: I'm 30, married (obviously) to a gamer (woot!), an office assistant, and an avid knitter.  :)


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