thread: 2005-04-27 : The Open House 4: Handshaking

On 2005-08-01, ffilz wrote:

Frank Filz here, I've only read here a few times when referenced from the Forge, but perhaps I'll start paying more attention...

Age 42, started in 1977 with the original Blue Book Basic D&D. Gaming experience mostly as a GM with quite a variety of systems (my players used to complain [actually they still do] about me changing systems all the time...).

Much of my early gaming career was with MIT's game club, where I mostly gamed with the "younger crowd" but did occaisionally hook up with the "elders" (especially Glen Blacow who is one of the people most influential in broadening my gaming skills).

These days I live in Beaverton Oregon (a suburb of Portland) and run Monte Cook's Arcana Evolved (a D20 game). I'm learning to be more honest with what I like in gaming (fairly old school, though I don't do "random encounters" much anymore - except when I need some filler).

Outside of gaming, I work for IBM in the Linux Technology Center, do model railroading (just getting started in garden railroading at my first house), read a fair bit of fantasy and science fiction, occaisionally build stuff with LEGO, and spend a lot of time with my church (Unitarian Universalist) where I work with the senior high youth group (and recently returned from a pilgrimage trip to Budapest and Transylvania).



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