thread: 2005-07-28 : The Ars Magica Knock-off Fishbowl

On 2005-08-01, Vincent wrote:

A bit more about isolation:

My thinking is that if you put your back to the sanctuary and walk, and keep walking, at some point you'll find yourself in the whole world. If you then turn around briskly and walk back, you'll never return to the sanctuary. You'll instead have to find a touchstone to return - and no way of knowing where the nearest is, if there are even any.

Furthermore, if someone lets you walk ahead of them out of sight and then follows directly in your footprints, when they leave the sanctuary and arrive in the whole world, they'll be somewhere potentially very far away from you. "Somewhere" here referring to all three of geography, time and possibility.


This makes JN go "Touchstones (tangent, sortof)"
This bit made me think about touchstones. Why must they be stones which you merely touch instead of stones lit by moonlight, or caves, or a certain door, or an ancient ruined arch, or a garden at sunrise, or a waterfall swam through, or an oak tree slept under for three nights, etc?

This makes JN go "All three..."
...of "geography, time and possibility" -- awesome!

This makes Chris go "Touchstones & New players"
1) You can introduce new characters (and players) by producing either folks who have finally been scouted or allowed to enter the sanctuary, or perhaps even a random person who accidentally activated the touchstone... Also, if you decide that new touchstones might form naturally, this also could apply.

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