thread: 2005-07-28 : The Ars Magica Knock-off Fishbowl

On 2005-08-04, Vincent wrote:

Q & A #2

MW: Yeppers.

JN, re sane stakes: Let's keep stakes-setting as a general constraint. For instance, what's at stake is the immediate fate of our deceitful chatelaine. All of our individual characters' goals have to pertain to it: your goal is to capture her before she reaches the touchstone, mine is for her to reach the touchstone and escape, Mitch's is to keep you from catching her, etc.

JL: Does that answer your question? See how that works?

JN, re arenas and die sizes: Stats are always d6s. So the fighter guy will have 6d6 in fighting. Get in a fight with him, he rolls 6d6; if you reverse a blow on him, he takes 3d4 fallout. He escalates! He rolls his 6d6 again. Reverse a blow on him now, he takes 3d6 fallout. He escalates again! He rolls his 6d6 a third time. Now if you reverse a blow on him, he takes 3d8 fallout. I think you were misreading somewhere.


This makes JN go "Thanks for clarifying the die sizes!"

This makes JL go "Crystal Clear"
I assume you've got a clear way to establish stakes that everyone cares about built in?

This makes SJF go "Potential brokeness?"
But if you more dice by escalating, you're less likely to have to Take the Blow; this may reduce Fallout faster than changing the die size increases it.

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