thread: 2005-08-11 : Selling Rules

On 2005-08-11, JasonN wrote:

Sounds like a lot of your selling, V, might occur at Cons.

What other venues?

Online forums and mailing lists are well and good (and crucially serve other functions not on topic here), but you're already preaching to the choir at that point.

Ok, sure, but what you *really* want is to have nearly anyone who reads the rules be able to sell 'em, too.

I remember reading Nobilis a few years ago.  Liked it so much, I talked with Rebecca and set up the Nobilist.  I read the book 3 times, and thought it was the bees knees.

...But to this day, I've never been able to explain it to people, let alone get them excited about running.  Now, I'm not blaming RSB for my own failings, but the number of other people on the Nobilist who had the same problem: HUGE.

Compare this to DitV.  I pitched it to my group and they were like, "Yeah!"  Did the forums help?  Knowing there was an active designer out there explaining things, and a community of people doing stuff with the game?  Hell yes.

But I was ready to pitch the game to my group after my first reading of the rules, *alone*.  I don't know how much higher you can set the bar for yourself as a designer than that.


This makes TLR go "How can someone not get Nobilis? Clearly, they're not worth gaming with if they don't. ;)"

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