thread: 2005-08-11 : Selling Rules

On 2005-08-11, Vincent wrote:

Jason: I can sell rules day in day out and three times on Fridays to people who aren't having fun already. That's mostly what happens. I'm like, PTA = awesome! or MLwM = the creepy! or Universalis = fun for you! and they're like, I buy it now! That's pretty much what GenCon's like for me and all of us.

I'm talking about a different thing though, I'm talking about selling Nir here or my friend's group or Jonas or whomever on unfamiliar ways to play, when the ways they already have are working for them. Not selling for money - most of 'em already buy our games, and if they don't that's cool too - but selling them on actually giving it a try.

Nir: I have no idea how many people play Forge games, but like I say, that's not really what I'm getting at.

Hey, if you like, please link to your LiveJournal posts. They're really interesting.

Also, have you read this of mine? Adventures In... It's links to writeups of my group's Ars Magica game. I like to think they're worth some cred in the "stripping away mechanics" department. You might have to get past a certain amount of in-game depravity to get to the good stuff, look out.


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