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On 2005-08-11, Brand_Robins wrote:

Then there is what happens with my groups:

You have awesome groups of honed, skillful players who have occasional clashes because we've all got, um... strong... personalities who are aware there are other kinds of fun but don't have a lot of language for it.

Then there comes along this one ass who reads the Forge all the time and gets all these words, getting most of them only half right, and explains them all to the rest of the groups. They all like many of the concepts, hate some of the concepts, and aren't sure about the others. However, they all like the ass, and decide to let him try some of this zany stuff.

Sometimes it bombs like Grand Theft Auto at a convention of Baptist Ministers, sometimes it goes over very well. The groups start to work through issues and get a new style worked out, that isn't quite their old style but isn't quite a "Forge" style either. They, however, are happy.

Then the ass buys Dogs in the Vineyard and wants to do yet more new things. The group is hesitant, but as they trust the ass....

The point being, sell to the ass*. If we can find ways to sell to the person in a group who is most adventerous, or disconent, or willing to try something new, or just spastic like me, and give them tools that they can use to convince others and give them solid play experiences under the new paradigm, then I think we have a way to crack the good group that just doesn't play that way.

Of course, this requires a well designed game with a very clear and well stated goal—but then that should be in mind anyway, no?

*In case it is not clear, I am the ass.


This makes AA go "I'm totally that ass too"
Or maybe still an AIT (Ass In Training)

This makes JBR go "Marketing to the Game Master"
That sounds very similar to the "sell to the GM" method that's driven the RPG market thus far, and that many folks presently take offense to. I think there are some issues with it, but I think there is also some good in it -- including that fundamental boon, a working marketing plan.

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